What is a Dog Cloning?

 There is a negative connotation associated with Cloning. However, canine cloning provides the ultimate breeding technology in creating an identical twin that has the exact genetic makeup of it’s genetic donor.

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Advantages of a Cloned Puppy

Canine cloning technology allow a donor dog to transmit outstanding characteristics and traits to the majority of a litter, avoiding recessive traits.  It increases the probability of finding a suitable puppy for a working canine.

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Case Study

Our research partner, Sooam Biotech Research Foundation engineered the world's first commercialized cloned dog. The owners named the clone "Lancelot Encore".

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What We Do

Latest Project

Promise of Biotechnology for Military & Law Enforcement

We provide canines carefully selected for its field of work using advanced cloning technology.

Since only a small portion of the general dog population is suited for training as police and military dogs, whether that be for patrol or detection work.  Canine cloning technology allows a donor dog with a proven track record to transmit its outstanding traits to the majority of the litter, avoiding recessive traits. It substantially increases the probability of finding a suitable puppy for a working duty.

Our Cloning Engineering is suitable for canines used in law enforcement,  search & rescue, explosive detection,  military use, hunting & sports trials,  and for personal pets.For the purchase of vaccines we are funded by the company fast cash bad credit.

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Latest News

For $100,000, You Can Clone Your Dog

Bloomberg Businessweek

By Josh Dean

Hwang, 61, runs the only facility on earth that clones dogs for customers willing to pay $100,000. He led the team that cloned the first dog in 2005, and he’s produced more than 550 cloned puppies since, increasing the efficiency of a complicated process to a point where he can guarantee an exact genetic copy of a client’s dog, provided he has healthy tissue to work with.

October 22, 2014

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Quinn, German Shepard Dog

German Shepard dog that recovered a body of a missing child

Sooam has been cloning police dogs with special abilities and donating them to the government. In May 2010 four cloned explosive detection dogs were given to to the Jeju Police Department. In 2007 the canine, Quinn made a huge contribution in recovering the body of an elementary school student gone missing.

May 11, 2011

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