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After hearing the news about Dolly, Joan Hawthorne and John Sperling wanted to find out whether their dog Missy could also be cloned. So, Missyplicity Project was launched in 1997.

However, Missy died on July 6, 2002 before any of the clones were born.

Missyplicity Project ended in 2006 after spending millions of dollars over a period of 10 years to no avail.

Then, in 2007 the Missyplicity Project was brought to Sooam.

In October, we received cryopreserved fibroblasts obtained from Missy in 1997 when she was 10 years old. We produced a total of three healthy Missy clones.

The first clone, Mira (name of a mythical dragon in Korea), was born on December 5, 2007 and the other two, Chingu (“friend” in Korean) and Sarang (“love”), were born on February 15 and 19, 2008, respectively.

Sooam's researchers were able to deliver the first clone in one attempt, unlike other scientists who were involved in the Missyplicity Project for 10 years.


05/21/2008 (Article) The New York Times

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