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Trakr was named as one of history's most heroic animals by Time magazine because he discovered the last survivor of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City in 2001. During such a heroic rescue, Trakr inhaled toxic smoke and as a result contracted a degenerative neurological disorder on his rear legs, which he was not able to use until his death in 2009. Sooam was able to deliver five clones of Trakr: Trustt, Solace, Valor, Prodigy, and Dejavu. They are collectively called "Team Trakr" in Trakr's honor. Team Trakr is currently carrying on Trakr's extraordinary search and rescue legacy.



06/17/2009 (Video) CBS News: 9/11 Rescue Dog Cloned

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Currently working on intensive training sessions with several cloned canines from a renowned IPO certified dog. They are in the phases of training in tracking, obedience and protection. More...

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Sooam was successful in cloning Trakr, a 9/11 hero rescue dog in compliance to retired police officer James Symintin’s request. This attracted world wide attention from the mass media including FOX news, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. More...