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Finding a suitable canine to use in the fields of law enforcement,  search & rescue, explosive detection,  military, hunting, sports, and personal service is very time consuming and long process. This process is without the guarantee that the trained dog has the right characteristics, traits, and temperament to succeed in its respective field of training.

Our Solution:

Our service is to provide the cutting edge technology in the Biomedical field to reproduce  canines with the desired qualities in their genetic duplicates for success in their various field work.


Canine cloning provides the ultimate breeding technology in creating an identical twin that has the exact genetic makeup of it’s genetic donor. Since the world’s first cloned dog Snuppy in 2005, the cloning has resolved all possible gene combinations that would have resulted in the natural breeding process.

The resulting clones are near identical in all aspects of physical resemblance, characteristics and temperament from the donor dog, thus increasing the probability of successful training for their respective purposes.

Our clients can focus their full attention on their core activities, that is training the dog.

Advanced Cloning Facility

We work in full cooperation with Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in South Korea. Considered the founder of the cloning industry, Sooam Biotech Research Foundation has been Sooamdelivering on the promise of biotechnology since 2005. Sooam Biotech Research Foundation is a non-profit organization focusing on research in advanced biotechnology for industrial and biomedical applications using animal cloning and pluripotent stem cells combined with transgenic technology.

Avoiding recessive traits no longer poses a problem with the use of new cutting edge canine cloning technology. Examining the genetic background, physical traits and temperament of the donor dog allow only premium canines to be produced through our cloning facility as these specialized canines need to serve more purpose than the average domestic canine.

Our dogs' genetic background, physical traits and temperament allow them to perform amazing tasks required of them in their respective field of work as well as the ability to adapt socially and high trainability.

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Our Latest Project

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Currently working on intensive training sessions with several cloned canines from a renowned IPO certified dog. They are in the phases of training in tracking, obedience and protection. More...

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Sooam was successful in cloning Trakr, a 9/11 hero rescue dog in compliance to retired police officer James Symintin’s request. This attracted world wide attention from the mass media including FOX news, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. More...